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Setup vsftp with no shell access

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In this example i'll show you how to setup vsftp server with no shell access to users. For example users can log into ftp but not ssh.  


After you've installed vsftp server change in vsftpd.conf those lines:
# Turn off anonymous users
# Turn on local users
# Users should be able to write
# I don't give access to port 20 so turn this off
# chroot everyone


Disable shell access to ftp user:
Edit the file /etc/shells and add the line /bin/false:
echo "/bin/false" >> /etc/shells
Then change the shell of the user to /bin/false.
You can do this with command:
usermod ftpuser -s /bin/false
You can also restrict the commands that user can give. For example if you want only to upload/download files, and don't let people to delete files add this line:


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