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You can use this script to install Elastix on VPS servers:

# Create an server virtual machine. This one for
# checking Centos 5.3 operation running Elastix (asterisk plus extra)
vzctl create $VID --ostemplate centos-5-x86 --config vps.basic
vzctl set $VID --onboot yes --save
vzctl set $VID --hostname --save
vzctl set $VID --ipadd 192.168.0.$VID --save
vzctl set $VID --nameserver --save
vzctl set $VID --userpasswd root:elastix
vzctl start $VID
echo " RUN : vzctl exec $VID passwd "
echo " Boost up the quota for disk and memory space "
vzctl set $VID --diskspace 10485760 --save
vzctl set $VID --kmemsize 15242880 --save
vzctl set $VID --othersockbuf 636896 --save
vzctl set $VID --numothersock 480 --save
vzctl set $VID --privvmpages 1000000 --save
vzctl set $VID --numproc 100 --save
# Restart the Virtual machine so that it gets the IP addresses, etc.
vzctl restart $VID
# Where do we start here install using yum
sleep 20
echo "[elastix]" >> $REPO
echo "name=Elastix RPM Repository for CentOS" >> $REPO
echo "baseurl=$releasever/updates/RPMS/" >> $REPO
echo "gpgcheck=0" >> $REPO
echo "enabled=1" >> $REPO
echo "" >> $REPO
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install asterisk*"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install elastix-*"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install freeze"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install fxload"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install kernel-module-rhino*"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install libmfcr2"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install lzop"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install perl-WWW-Mechanize"
vzctl exec $VID "yum -y install mod_ssl"



You can also install from rpm. If you have dependences try to install with --nodeps


Here are standard password for elastix:



Interface Login Password
Elastix admin palosanto
freePBX admin admin
FOP admin eLaStIx.2oo7
A2Billing admin mypassword
MySQL root eLaStIx.2oo7
SugarCRM admin password
vTiger admin admin
Openfire admin Whatever set at install


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