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A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that is layered on top of an underlying computer network. The private nature of a VPN means that the data travelling over the VPN is not generally visible to, or is encapsulated from, the underlying network traffic. This is done with strong encryption, as VPN's are commonly deployed to be high-security "network tunnels". Similarly, the traffic within the VPN appears to the underlying network as just another traffic stream to be passed. If you can envision secured "pipe" within the wire that is your connection, you would be well on your way to picturing a VPN deployment, if perhaps oversimplified.


Why you should buy this service?

- Privacy: this service assure your privacy on internet by crypting the traffic between you and your destination and hiding your real ip.

- Bypass ISP restriction sites: this service will help  you pass the most isp restriction.

- Compatibility: this service is compatible with all operating systems.

- Development: this service will help you test new aplication by getting an ip from diffrent countrys.

- Legal Torrents Downloading/Streaming Allowed with Unlimited bandwidth.

- Good price: we sell it for a good price, only 10$/month.


How is working?

- Simple: just get a user and a pass, download and install the client and make the connection.


Download OpenVPN Client


Watch the video tour to see how things are working:


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"I can bypass all restrictions without any problems." - Charles, S.A.